Ake Holm (1900-1980)


Åke holm started working at the Hoganas company in 1915, he started of by working with glazing and assisting the designer Edgar Bockman, Holm had early demonstrated both talent and interest in art.

In 1928 Ake Holm and his brother Ernst established their own studio. Most of the time the pottery was thrown by Ernst and glazed by Åke, they signed the works with ‘Holm’. They created the famous Trolls ‘Kulla’, which were copied by many potters.


In 1930 he presented his first figural works He often chose biblical motifs in a simplified heavy form. During the 1950s and 60s, he made some monumental creations, still with the dominance of biblical motifs, but in the early 1970s, his works became dominated by a softer stylization.


During  the years 1966-1980 he made a total of 275 numbered prints.