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Lisa Larson – a sculptor

with world success

Lisa Larson (1931) studied at the School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden from 1949-54. She received a second prize for a vase at the graduation..Stig Lindberg, the artistic director of Gustavsberg, was part of the jury, and he offered her subsequently a permanent position in the art department of the company. She said yes, and she became part of a creative environment among a number of new young promising artists in the Art Department. Stig Lindberg discovered almost by accident a cat figurine, which Lisa Larson had set aside. He asked her to develop the figurine, and this started of her first series production in 1955. It was called "little zoo". Then came "big zoo", ABC girls , etc. Among the hundres of figurines, she created, the most popular are "social debate " and "Pipi Longstocking”.


She left Gustavsberg after 27 years,, and from 1980 she worked freelance for Duka, Höganäs, Jie Ceramics, Rosenthal, and Rörstrand. Along with some of the old employees from Gustavsberg Lisa Larson founded "Gustavsberg Ceramic Studio" in 1992. They produced new designs, and Lisa Larson also produced a variety of unique pieces. They are obviously very much in demand and very expensive - but all the figure series are in demand among collectors worldwide.


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