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Rare miniature bowl with bronze lid designed by Georg Thylstrup  for Ipsen's Enke, Denmark. Green glaze with incised and painted bird. The bronze lid has silver pearls on the top.
Excellent condition.
Signed: IE monogram 823 IV 17 DENMARK.
Height: 2 3/4 inches  (7 cm)

Diameter: 2 inches (5.5 cm)


George Thylstrup (1884-1930) - Danish sculptor, ceramicist and silversmith. He was trained as a silversmith and employed first by Mogens Ballin later by Georg Jensen. In 1911 he became attached to Royal Copenhagen, where he initially worked with ceramist Patrik Nordstrøm conducting the metal mountings and bronze / silver lids for the large earthenware jars. His fine metal work was highly sought after. Later he started working with ceramics and porcelain, and he created a number of figurines for Royal Copenhagen. In 1924, he joined the pottery studio Ipsen's widow,  where he succeeded with a series of striking and grotesque figures with green jade finish. The works of  Georg Thylstrups are represented in several museums around the world – including the British Museum and the  Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Art Deco Inkwell w. Bronze lid, Thylstrup, Ipsen's Enke, Denmark

SKU: 1212
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