Studio stoneware vase with TRIBAL pattern in brown/grey glaze designed by Carl-Harry Stalhane (1920-1990) for Rorstrand, Sweden in the 1950-1960's.
Stoneware from Rorstrand labeled "Atelje" was called semi-unique. The model is always a unique object, which is then produced in 25-50, at most 200 copies when it comes to the designs of Stalhane. The glaze for each "Atelje" object is always unique. Stalhane supervised the production of "Atelje" items.
Stalhane worked for Rorstrand 1939-1973.

Marked: R (3 crowns) Sweden, CHS e.
Excellent condition.
Height: 9 3/4 inches (25 cm)

Carl-Harry Stalhane, Atelje Vase, Rorstrand

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