Art pottery owl sconce  for tealight  made by Hans Jørgen Knudsen (1926-1990) for HKP, Rødeled, Præstø, Denmark.

Signed: HPK, Præstø Hans J.

Hans Jørgen Knudsen was the grandson of the founder of  Præstø keramik, Hans Peter Knudsen (1861-1950)

Hans Peter Knudsen started up the studio Rødeled, and for more than 100 years, the Knudsen family ran the studio near Præstø in Denmark.

Height: 7 1/4 inches (18.5 cm)

Width: 5 inches (13 cm)

Depth: 4½ inches (11.5 cm) 


Hans Peter Knudsen, Præstø Keramik, Denmark. Iconic Sconse Owl

SKU: 1968