Mid century modern Large 'Grazia* vase with silver decoration on off white background depicting faun and young woman (nymph) designed by Stig Lindberg (1916-1982) for Gustavsberg, Sweden. The 'Grazia line was introduced in 1948. Excellent condition. Signed: Made in Sweden Gustavsberg (old anchor) Å Grazia 220 Sweden E. Height: 10½ inches (26.5 cm)

"Satyrs and fauns are always male beings . They love music and dancing and is usually harmless to humans . Their favorite activity is chasing nymphs as they entice with their music, and they can also lure mestizos nymphs. Satyrs and fauns descended from the Greek god Pan."

Karin Björquist, Gustavsberg, Sweden. Studio Vase

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