Mid century stoneware chamotte vase designed by Per Linnemann-Schmidt for Palshus, Denmark. Olive glazing with impressed pattern and blue highlights.

Per Linnemann-Schmidt (1912-1999) son of Danish sculptor Willie Wulff, entered the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen in 1931 and later worked as a sculptor specialising in portrait sculptures. In 1949 he opened Palhus Stentøj with his wife Annelise Linnemann-Schmidt They also worked with Kjeld Jordan who modelled many of the animal and bird figures. The studio closed in 1972, three years after the death of Annelise Linnemann-Schmidt.

Height: 5 1/4 inches (13.5 cm); width: 4½ inches (11.5 cm). Signed:Palshus Denmark APL-S 401 C29. Excellent condition.

Per Linneman Schmidt, Palshus, Denmark

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