Classic stoneware vase, white matt glazing, designed by Gunnar Nylund for Rorstrand, Sweden. Decor designed by Adelheid "Heidi" Heiman

Adelheid Heimann 1903-1993. Icon- and fajans painter, photographer, and journalist. Born in Berlin, Germany, where she graduated as an art historian. In 1936 she fled to London.

In the period 1941-52 she worked for Rørstrand, Sweden, where this vase was made. She designed Italian and Spanish motifs, which painters at Rorstrand transferred to vases designed by Gunnar Nylund. Later on Heimann worked with Christian Bible art and gave lessons in icon painting throughout Europe, in Israel, and the United States. The signature at the bottom is not hers, but one of the painters at Rorstrand.
Excellent condition.
Signed: Rorstrand (3 crowns)  Sweden.
Height: 9½ inches (24 cm)

Diameter: 8½ inches (21.5 cm)

Vase, Gunnar Nylund, Decoration by Adelheid "Heidi" Heiman for Rorstrand

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