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Arno Malinowski - refined figurines and jewelry

Danish sculptor (1899-1976). Trained at the School of Sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen from 1919 to 1922. Arno Malinowski here showed his talent for working in porcelain and metal. He joined the Royal Copenhagen in 1921, where he designed a variety of figurines. His international breakthrough came in 1925 at the World Exhibition in Paris, where he received honors for his refined porcelain figurines. Malinowski left the Royal Copenhagen in 1936, but had concurrently designed figurines in metal for Just Andersen. He was the same year employed by George Jensen, where he until 1965 designed jewelry in steel and silver.

Arno Malinowski's figurines have their  own personal and recognizable voices - elegant and perfectionist, and it is some oft the most significant art deco art from the period.

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