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Rorstrand is the oldest porcelain company in Sweden. It was founded in Stockholm  in 1726, but has since moved many times. On the whole, the company has lived a very turbulent life with many  economic ups and downs.  Rorstrand has had many owners, but the best time was around 1900, when it had more than 1000 employees.  A fire in 1925 put a stop to it, and the company had to be curtailed sharply.  The  production  ended  in 2004 was moved to Hungary and Sri Lanka. Today designers / artists are still associated with Rorstrand , but the production mainly consists of  porcelain tableware.

It is first and foremost the period from the beginning of the 1900s, where Rorstrand  started a real artistic production. Which is of interest for the collectors of today.



Great artistic success


While business owners for long periods have been struggling with financial problems, then  Rorstrand has been adept at assigning significant artists to the company. A large number of artists have influenced the artistic movement of the period. Not only Rorstrand, but also on a number of other ceramic companies and glass works. The list is very long:  Ilse Claeson, Edward Hald, Oiva Toikka, Marianne Westman, Ulrika Hydman-vali, Bertil Vallien, Birger Kaipainen, Gertrud Lönegren, Alf Vallander, Max Walter Svanberg, Carl Harry Stalhane, Harald Salomon, Inger Persson, Gunnar Nylund, Lillemor Mannerheim, Olle Alberius and Herta Bengtson to name a few.


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