Søholm was founded in 1835 in Ronne on the Danish island of Bornholm located in the Baltic Sea. Initially the company produced exclusively Faience and terracotta. Many of the Søholm products from that time were very close to being copies of items from Hjorth factories and Ipsen's widow - who concentrated  a large part of their production on classic European ceramics. During World War I,  Søholm had very poor economic conditions, and in 1928 Ronne Municipality took over the company to keep jobs in the city. During the 1940s the production  increased and Søholm had  more than 200 employees at the time.


Decorative Ceramics

Søholm had for many years almost exclusively produced using household items, but from 1951 a new ´production of ornamental ceramics and artistic ceramics was lauched.. The products were versatile,  and in 1960 the company began producing stoneware. It is especially this production, which has attracted pottery collectors and pottery lovers from around the world. A large number of artists have been behind this latest production: Hans Ancher Wolffsen, Henning Seidelin, Johannes Hedegaard, Nanna Ditzel, Arne Ranslet, Gerd Hjort Petersen Haico Nitzsche, Einer Johansen, Naoomi Backhausen, Marie Philippi, Rigmor Nielsen, Per Rehfeldt and Joseph Simon


Søholm closed in 1996



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