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Lauritz Hjorth

Lauritz Hjorth ( 1834-12 ) founded a pottery studio on Bornholm  in 1859. and in 1862 he started the terracotta production in Ronne. Bornholm, is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea with natural deposits of clay for pottery production. A number of other well-known potteries lay side by side on the island: Søholm, Michael Andersen, Ipsen, and many more.


The Hjorth family

Lauritz Hjorth was educated at the Royal Porcelain Factory in Copenhagen and on the Ipsen's Terracotta Factory on Bornholm. Several generations of the Hjorth family ran the company right up to 1980-90’s where the factory became a museum. Second generation Hans and Peter Hjorth and third generation Erik Hjorth developed in different ways the pottery production, and fourth generation Marie and Ulla Hjorth designed the modernist line.


Other Artists afffiliated with Hjorth 

A large number of artists have designed ceramic works for the Hjorth factory. The Czech sculptor Gertrude Kudielka was affiliated with the factory for many years, but also the sculptor Helge Christoffersen created models, which increased the demand of products from the factory. Other associated artist ares among other the American William Neumann, Swedish Eva Sjögren, Lisbeth Munch-Petersen, and Per Lütken.

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