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Kosta Glassworks, Sweden - an entire century of art glass

Kosta is the oldest glassworks in Sweden, which is still in use. It was founded in 1741 and in the beginning it produced window glass, tableware glass, and decorative glass of various kinds. At the time it was only the prosperous part of the population, who could afford to buy glass.


Today, the glasswork is part of a fusion of Kosta, Boda, and Åfors glassworks, and is also part of the Orrefors Kosta Boda - group.



Kosta started very early making art glass. Gunnar Vennerberg was the first artist/designer. He designed glass as early as 1898. Since there be many more to Ewald Dahlskov, Edwin Ollers, Oskar Dahl, Elis Bergh, Svend Erik Skawonius, Anna Ehrner, Kjell Engman, Ernst Godson, Paul Hoff, Vickie Lindstrand, Tyra Lundgren, Mona Morales-Schildt, Alf Wallander, Bertil Vallien, Ann Wärff, Ulrica Hydman-Vallien and Göran Wärff .

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