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Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory, Sweden

The factory was founded in 1828, and for a long time they had great difficulty in producing porcelain of a salable quality. The clay was imported from Germany, and of a poor quality It was also difficult to hire people, who knew how to produce porcelain. Workers were imported from the UK, and a number of the products from Gustavsberg were copies from English china factories. It was not until early 1900 that Gustavsberg began producing what they called - "nicer everyday products". During the 1940s and 1950s Gustavsberg lauched the production of art and design ceramics.


Gustavsberg Studio (1942-1996)


Many well-known and sought-after artists worked at Gustavsberg during this period: Stig Lindberg, Wilhelm Kåge, Paul Hoff, Josef Ekberg Karin Björguist, Tyra Lundgren, Monica Morales, Ursula Printz, Mari Simmulson, Bertil Vallien, Sven Wejsfelt, Lisa Larsson, and Bernt Friberg.


Wilhjelm Kåge launched Gustavsberg Studio in 1942 with the aim of making art pottery. Potteries from the studio all have the "Studio hand" signature. Kåge used a brown and a blue studio hand, Björquist also a blue, Stig Lindberg red and black, while all other artists used the black and yellow "studio hand". Gustavsberg Studio closed in 1996, and the premises were taken over by other independent artists and potters - including Lisa Larsson.

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