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Kähler Ceramics, Denmark

art pottery from 1880


Kähler Ceramics started as a small borough workshop in 1839, when Herman Kähler produced cookware and stoves. It was not until 1880, that the workshop began to produce art pottery. The son Kahler, who had taken over the company, had his breakthrough at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1889. After this the company grew fast, and up until now with different owners producing quality pottery. Prominent artists have continually been associated with the company, each of which has reflected the fashion/style: Neo Classism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Functionalism, Mid Century, and Modernism. The production of art pottery is very extensive.


The artists created the success of Kähler, and here are the names of some of the artists who have been associated with the company: Karl Hansen Reistrup, Bindesbøll, L.A. Ring, P.S. Krøjer, H. A. Brendekilde, Svend Hammershøj, Cecilie Manz, Louise Hindsgavl, Ursula Munch- Petersen, Jens Thirslund, Herman J. Kähler, Niels Kähler, Helge Jensen, Astrid Tjalk, and Gete Petersen .

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