Axel Salto

Axel Johannes Salto (1889 1961) was an internationally known Danish ceramist. His work includes painting, graphic design and illustrations for books, jewelery and textiles. As a writer and founder of the art journal 'Klingen' (1917-1919), Salto was an important contributor to the art debate in Denmark. He had his debut as a painter in 1911, but his primary career as a potter took off at the Paris Exhibition in 1925.
Salto visited Paris in 1916, where he met Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. This meeting was a landmark for Salto's artistic ambitions and his influence on future groundbreaking ideas.

In 1921 Salto founded 'The Four' a group consisting of Svend Johansen, Vilhelm Lundstrom, and Karl Larsen. The group spent much of 1920 in Paris, where they lived and worked together.