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Gertrud Kudielka,

L. Hjorth, Denmark


Gertrud Maria Rosa Kudielka (1896-1984). Born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, today the Czech Republic. Very early on she wanted to be a sculptor, but the two world wars made her change training location. She trained as a sculptor in Czechoslovakia, as a ceramicist in Austria, and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, Weimar and Copenhagen. Along the way she worked at ceramic studios in several European countries, including Italy where she was influenced by the more raw technique in the many traditional pottery shops. Her decorations on dishes and pots can also be found in the ancient practices of traditional pottery.


She worked at Hjorth's factory during four periods. First time in 1930-31. The last period lasted from 1949-64, and she stayed on the island until her death in 1984. Gertrud Kudielka was the first designer who was employed at the factory, and it became an artistic turning point for the factory, which subsequently had a number of artists associated with the factory.



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