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Lars Norrman

Painter and graphic artist Lars Norrman (1915-1979) was born, in Helsingborg, Sweden. He attended the Otte Sköld's painting school, and during the 1930's he painted for Fernand Léger, who was a great inspiration to him. Lars Norrman worked with strong colors and simplification.


From the beginning of his career he was considered having a great talent for drawing. and he was the first mid century artist to have his works spread  to large a large audience. IKEA has published some of his litographs. In the 1960-70's his pictures were very popular, but he was in perpetual war with the established art world, even though  they recognized that Lars Norrman was one of the most interesting artists. 


Norrman travelled a lot, and he had a great etnographic interest. He visited  Greenland, the Sovjet Union, Senegal, Bulgaria, Japan og a number of countries in South America. 

Lars Norrman is represented at the National Museum, Archive for Decorative Art in Lund, museums in Helsingborg, Gävle and Örebro and the Swedish Institute in Paris

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