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Per Lutken - Modern organic glass

Per Lütken (1919-1998) was educated at the school of arts and crafts in Copenhagen from 1932 to 1938. Als. It led to many experiments with new techniques, which were conducted in order to create exciting new glass.ready in 1942 he became artistic director at Holmegaard. Another famous glass designer Jacob E. Bang had withdrawn as artistic director the year before. Like his predecessor Lütken had no prior knowledge of glass. He drew and designed the glass in collaboration with glass craftsmen, and gradually he acquired a great knowledge of what could be created with glass.


Per Lütken worked at Holmegaard until his death in 1998, and he made more than 3000 different designs. There is no doubt that Lütken created the modern Danish glass in terms of everyday household glass as well as art glass. Pure organic lines characterize the designs of Lütken. It is especially seen in some of his large bowls, which are hand blown, and by itself to some extent form the final organic form.


He designed a part the Carnaby series, which today is very popular. "The drop" and "The provence bowl " are considered design icons by Lukens. The famous "beak vase" (duckling) is his design, and throughout his tenure at Holmegaard he designed a wide range of art glass series including: Greenland, Sapphire Blue, May Green, Ruby, Blue Lagoon, Lavender, Lava, Ever Green, and the Winston series.


Per Lütken signed most of his art glass with PL + year or production number.

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