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Large  partial glazed terracotta /chamotte vase  from OSA Keramik, Denmark. The studio was established in 1941 in a collaboration between three ceramicists - Aase Feilberg, Christian Frederiksen and Gutte Eriksen. The studio was situated in Hareskov North of Copenhagen. The collaboration was dissolved the following year in 1942. OSA Keramik continued, however without Gutte Eriksen (1918-2008), who became an internationally recognized ceramicist with works represented at several museums also outside Denmark. The vase is from the earliest production. It is most likely made by Gutte Eriksen. 

Signed: OSA

Excellent vintage condition.

Height: 9 3/4 inhes (25 cm)

Diameter:  8 1/4 inches (21 cm)



OSA Keramik. Denmark. Large Studio Vase

SKU: 2205-584
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