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Art nouveau ewer by Grumbach for Bernhard Bloch,, Eichwald. 

 Crown Oak Ware. Decorated with a side portrait of a young woman among stylized drapery. Floral-formed handles. The side of the vase impressed with the name of the modeller; Grumbach.

In 1871 Bernhard Bloch established a pottery at Eichwald in the German State of Bohemia. Early production was primarily yellowware, siderolith, and majolica.

A second ewer is included free of charge, because it has a hairline, although still very presentable as part of a pair.
Signed Grumbach 3730 BB.
Excellent vintage condition.
Height: 11½ inches (29,5 cm)

Grumbach for Bernhard Bloch, Austria. Art Nouveau Ewer

SKU: 1410
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