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Stoneware Atelje vase designed by Inger Persson for Rorstrand, Sweden, This  beautiful  and heavy studio piece is made of chamotte stoneware decorated with  incised pattern and beige glazed triangles.

Signed:  Rorstrand  Sweden P Atelje.

Height:  5 inches (12.5 cm)

Diameter: 7.5 inches (19 cm)



Inger Persson (1936-2021) was trained by Stig Lindberg and worked for Rorstrand, Lidkobing from 1959-71.  Inger Persson is also known for the popular Pop series also made for Rorstrand.  

Inger Persson for Rorstrand, Sweden. Studio Stoneware Vase

SKU: 3038-653
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