Terracotta sculpture made by painter, sculptor, and ceramist Peder Hald (1892-1987), own studio, Denmark.
Signed on the bottom: Hald and hand-written numbers
Height: 7½ inches (20 cm)

Width: 6 3/4 inches (17 cm)

Depth: 5½ inches(14)
Excellent condition

As a painter, he was inspired by the Orient colors and sharp figure drawings. He has been studying in London (1913), Italy (1934), and Burma (1954). Peder Hald has published a number of books on painting and ceramics, and he has lectured at the Danish Art Academy (1925-63) teaching color technique. From 1960 he was assigned to the Michael Andersen Factory on the Danish island of Bornholm, where he created a variety of shapes. especially a wide range of animal figures. From 1943 he had his own studio, where this figure comes from. The sculpture is clearly made ​​by a very talented sculptor.

Terracotta Figurine, Peder Hald, Denmark Own Studio

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