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Unique stoneware bowl made by Jais Nielsen (1885-1961) for Royal Copenhagen, Denmark.  The bowl depicts Moses with the ten commandments

(Moses med lovens tavler) 

Diameter: 12½ inches (31.5 cm)

Height: 2 inches  (5 cm)


As a painter Jais Nielsen took part in the cubism movement, he used strong colors, and chose often religious motifs. His frescoes and stained glass windows are seen in a number of churches. The religious motifs are also seen in almost all his ceramics vases as well as bowls, which over the years has been very much in demand. The inspiration to his great striking sculptures are almost all taken from the Bible gallery. Jais Nielsen was employed by Royal Copenhagen in 1921 where he was considered to be one of the great ceramists.

Unique Large Bowl, Jais Nielsen, Royal Copenhagen, Denmark

SKU: 1540-236
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