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Ulrica Hydman-Vallien - powerful imagery

Ulrica Hydman - Vallien (1938 ) is a ceramist, painter and glass artist - but first and foremost glass artist. She trained at the Swedish art and craft school, where Stig Lindberg was one of her teachers. She started her career as a ceramist at Åfors glassworks. Only after nine years she began to design glass. She did not entirely quit the pottery. In the late 1980’s she designed porcelain for Rorstrand


In 1972 she began working for Kosta Boda glassworks. Virtually all of her glass have hand-painted decorations. It's very brightly colored decorations – people, animals, and flowers - which is also evident in her paintings and lithographs. Like all good art, they also create an underlying sense of something "different".


The series "Caramba" and "Open Minds" were her artistic breakthrough, and her art glass has been a huge success for Kosta Boda and Åfors.

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