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Mogensen - simple abstract decorations and shapes


Mogensen (1927 ) studied at the Art and Craft School in Copenhagen, Denmark. He joined the art department at the Royal Copenhagen in 1949, as the head of the department (Kresten Bloch) needed a trained ceramist to help the artists.


Gradually he got the chance to develop artistically, and his stoneware became easily recognizable. Akstract patterns and stylized animals, especially birds, characterize his work.


At Royal Copenhagen Mogensen worked side by side with a couple of other well-known artists, Axel Salto and Niels Thorsson, until 1964. His pottery was considered modern and in tune with the times. Jørgen Mogensen ceramics are widespread.


Mogensen together with his wife, ceramist Ursula Printz, established their own studio in 1965. His works from this period are characterized by a decoration that is almost an imprint of nature - eg. Rocks.



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